3-d Environment Scanning

Matterport 3-d Scanning

Create and display an immersive 3d environment

Reno Type uses the Matterport 3D camera system to create fully explorable online environments. These environments can be explored on smartphones, laptop, and desktop computers. The system can also be used to provide floor plans, and we can provide data points to import into rendering packages like Autodesk Revit.

No specialized software is required on the viewers end, just an ordinary web-browser. Click for an example.

You (or your webmaster) can easily embed the results right into your website... Like this!

 Price is based on square footage to be scanned.

·       Wedding and Event Venues
Let prospective clients walk the venue and get a real feel what it will be like. Post the walkthrough on your website!

·      Historical Preservation and Insurance Records
Remodeling? Demolishing? Create a virtual record of what used-to-be. Go beyond a video to record the true value of property for insurance purposes

·       Interior Design
The system is a god-send for interior designers and decorators. You can get accurate measurements (+/- 1") of the a space saving you lots of time on-site with a tape measure. And when the project is complete there is no better way to add it to your online portfolio!

·       Real Estate Sales
There is no better tool to show what a property really looks like, and more importantly, what it FEELS like. Providing this tool is a great way to get listings, and also a way to save you time. allowing you to focus on buyers who know they like the house because they’ve had a virtual visit!