Abi Ramelli

Abby Ramelli

With her extensive experience in food service and retail, Abi is calm under pressure, fast-paced, and deadline-focused. She does a bit of everything at Reno Type, and when she sees a problem, she starts working out how to solve it. She particularly enjoys learning different elements of production, printing, and bindery.

Born and raised in Reno, she loves Reno in summer, the best time for camping or hanging out at her favorite coffeeshops and restaurants on the river. Ask Abi about cool hole-in-the-wall places in midtown. She is also a writer of poetry and short stories, inspired by creative writing classes at TMCC. Abi is a member of the Reno Type bowling team.

What makes Abi the Reno Type?

“You will never find better sunsets than Reno sunsets – and sunrises. I’ve done a lot of traveling and nothing compares to the light on mountains and desert. I’m always appreciative and take advantage of it as much as possible.”