5 Toys for the Kid at Heart

  • Feb 28, 2022

There's something special about receiving a toy that brings out the kid in all of us - whether you're 5 or 55! Adding a little childhood fun to your client's day will surely help them remember your name and help you feel good that you're helping break the monotony of a boring workday. So, we've chosen five unique toys that'll guarantee a smile.


1.       Block Mania Toy Glasses

Build a city on your eyeballs! Master builders can create their own style using these glasses to snap on building bricks. Not only does this bring a little creativity to their day, but each creation is unique and can be changed over and over again to create the perfect look for the day ahead!


2.       Squishy Narwhal


Narwhals! The unicorns of the sea! These sticky and stretchy little whales are filled with water beads to give a unique experience when you squish 'em in stressful situations, or you need to fidget with 'em during Zoom meetings.


3.       Square Decompression Cube


Trying to stop nail biting? Smoking? Or just trying to find something to keep your hands busy during video calls? This little cube is perfect! The ergonomically curved design is made for hand comfort and long-term spinnin'. Just hold the hand spinner in one hand and use the other to spin it rapidly.


4.       Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy Keychain


Okay, but who doesn't get the urge to pop bubble wrap when you get it in the mail? This little keychain gives you the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap without having to worry about wasting it! This little fidget board is small and lightweight, making it perfect for keys, wallets, or backpacks.


5.       Rainbow Spring Toy


Made from eco-friendly plastic with eye-catching colors, this classic coil spring toy is a great and fresh way to inspire nostalgia in your team members or customers!



See something you think will be a winner or something that sparked a little inspiration in you? Give us a call today!

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