Chinese New Year

  • Jan 17, 2020

Chinese New Year is officially observed Jan 25- Feb 4th this year. It’s preceded by the “little year” Jan 17-24th and followed by the Lantern Festival, Feb 5th -8th. So in celebration of the year of the rat, China is essentially closed for business from Jan 17 through February 8. This is a challenging time for promotional product distributors who sell cheap plastic junk.

No matter what the season, Reno Type would rather provide quality Union Made in the USA products than the garbage our competitors sell. And as Reno’s only union print-shop, we are pretty good at making that happen. When it comes to printing, we are not brokers but skilled tradespeople who operate equipment right here in Reno NV. And – get this — all of our house papers are MADE IN THE USA!

For promotional products that we don’t make or decorate ourselves, we specialize in sourcing Quality USA made products… and have relationships with a number of union manufacturers and decorators. You need a t-shirt or Ball cap made in the USA? We got you covered. And we’ve literally thousands of made in the USA items. Need a Union Bug on your product? Give us a call, tell us what you need and we’ll get it taken care of! Click right here to learn more about Chinese New Year.

We source 'Union Made in the USA' products.