Covid-19 and Reno Type

  • Mar 20, 2020


Kurt and Alan are still working from home, but the rest of the staff is in the office regular hours, and we remain at full production capacity. We are still observing strict distancing and sanitation procedures and offering curbside pick-up. Should you need to visit us in the shop, kindly wear a mask. If you don;t have one, just ask and we will provide oine!



We are in full operation, and now have two team members on site during business hours instead of one.We offer curbside pickup and drop-off, and of course you can still interact with us fully online. Call us during business hours at 775 852-8800, or afer hours at 775 232-8838. Thank you, and stay safe!


We remain in operation as below. Everything that we produce in-house is being completed as per usual. There are some disruptions to our supply chain, with a number of suppliers on states on total lock-down. Also shippers are no longer guaranteeing transit times. We've not yet had anything be late, but are anticipating that such could happen. Thank you, and continue to support the personal, business and philanthropic endeavors of your friends and neighbors!


UPDATE: 3/20/20

The Governor of Nevada has directed all non-essential businesses to close. After carefully reviewing his statement and the supporting documentation, we have determined that we may continue to operate in our limited model.

The prohibition is not against commerce, but against doing business that causes people to congregate.

We have ONE person working behind a locked door. Depending on the day, it might be Brad, and it might be Davey. If you need to pick-up or deliver, call 852-8800 when you arrive, and we will handle it curbside. You open your hatch, we put it in. You close the door, and we smile at each other from at least 6 feet.

The rest of us are working from home and attending staff meetings by video-conference every morning and aftrenoon.. Kyle is doing layout and basic design, Kurt is waving the baton and doing his best to communicate with clients, Alan is in constant communication with our suppliers to know who is open and still able to ship products that we don't manufacture ourselves, and arranging outside purchases and shipping.

Like all responsible businesses, Reno Type is taking steps to ensure the safety of clients, employees and the community. There are a few specific things we want you to know:

  • We are open normal business hours, M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm and are in full operation.
  • You can submit and proof orders online. We still offer free delivery, and if you'd like to pick up your order "curbside," just call when you are are here and we'll run it out to your car.
  • We are regularly disinfecting and cleaning.
  • According to the best information we have right now, the novel Corona Virus survives only up to 1-2 days on paper and cardboard. The paper available in our download section has not yet been peer reviewed, but it's the most recent and thorough investigation we can find.
  • Several of us are working from home, and  most of us will be soon. This is not because we are scared, dirty or sick. It is because we will do our part of "flatten the curve" and slow the spread of this virus. That said, one or two people will always be in the office to run production equipment that can't be operated remotely and to facilitate curbside and local delivery.
  • We've see work related to events slow down. But direct mail and our 3-D environmental scanning services are in high demand as people look for effective ways to interact with clients and the public remotely. Please book these services soon, as our schedule is filling.

Thank you for doing business with us, and let us know how we can help you.