Alan Letuli

Alan’s “official” job title is ‘Customer Service Representative,” or CSR. Alan is the guy who will greet you with a smile, answer your questions, and see to it that you get what you need. When you need an answer, he’s faster than a speeding email. When it’s time to place an order, he leaps even the tallest purchase-orders with a single bound. Relatively new to our industry, he achieved the TAS, “trained advertising specialist”, in record time, probably because of his years of experience in retail management. When he’s not sourcing awesome promotional items at Reno Type, you’ll find him in local thrift-stores searching for (and finding) treasures. Check out his Etsy shop ( to see for yourself!


What Makes Alan the Reno Type?

“My family is here, so that’s a plus. I love that Reno is not a big city, nor is it a little town. You can have a big city night out or spend a day in the outdoors. Whatever you want – it’s all here.”