Four-color offset printing

Offset Lithography

Sometimes called “litho” or just “offset,” offset lithography is the highest quality and in many quantities the most cost effective form of printing. Offset is what we recommend when you need a large number of pieces and the best possible quality. The cost of a print job is weighted towards the set-up because metal plates have to first be made. But offset presses are FAST, and paper is pretty cheap, so it doesn’t take long for that set-up cost to be amortized. Our press is a small format four-color press (though we can put any color into it), so usually runs with cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink. Ever wonder why those four colors are abbreviated CMYK not CMYB? the "K" stands for "Key" because it is the most important color in the process. Now you know.

With offset printing we can print on pretty much any paper we can get our hands on, including thick and textured stocks that a digital press can't use.