A direct mail campaign is meant to achieve a certain result, get something done, make a difference, raise awareness or fundraise. We can show you ways to not only save money on postage but also increase open rates and response rates.

Coordinate with us early in your project, and we’ll help you succeed!

Here’s a partial list of our mailing services:

List acquisition and management
We’re experts at sourcing data. From a simple occupant or business mailing list to complex geographic and psychographic modeling, we can help you identify and target exactly who you need to reach. And if you have your own list, we can help you manage it, update it and clean it up. If you are one of those "do-it-yourselfers," you can now research, purchase and dowload your own list!

NCOA and CASS certification
We run every mailing list against the post office’s National Change of Address database to make sure your mail goes to the people you expect it to. And we return the changes to you so your in-house list can remain up-to-date. We also CASS certify your list before every mailing to ensure it meets postal regulations for accuracy and thus get “automation” postage rates.

Inkjet addressing and barcoding
We operate the fastest and highest quality ink-jet addressing system in the area. Whatever size your list, from 200 to 200,000, we can get it into the mail-stream faster than anyone else. We always use the USPS intelligent barcode for best postage rates and optimum deliverability.

Tabbing and inserting
We can affix tabs, fold, insert and match personal content to address on envelopes.

PotentPost is our groundbreaking omni-channel marketing program combing seven exclusive technologies to increase response rates between 23 and 46%. We track your individual piece to the mailbox and leverage social media and online ads to automatically get thousands of additional impressions. Call, write, or CLICK to learn more!