Spot color offset printing

 Spot Color Printing

Since we have an offset press, we can mix colors to order. In the CMYK world, all colors are achieved by mixing "screens" of the four process colors )cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This creates a few limitations. First, the number of colors than can be achieved (called the gamut) is limited. Certain bright, vibrant and neon colors can't be represented at all. Nor can metallic colors (like the silver ink on the spatula in the photo above) be printed. Also those "screens" create limitations. Screens are made up of little dots which are visible to the naked eye.

The solid blue color on your computer screen might be printed on press as a screen of 90% cyan, 70% magenta and 5% black, and you'll see those dots. With our spot color capabilities, you can pick ANY color out of a Pantone book... so that blue can be 100% Pantone 286. No dots... and exactly the same color every time you print it.