Brad Mathaney

A consummate craftsman, Brad is the lead offset pressman, and can make any piece of bindery equipment do the Tango. Or foxtrot if that’s how you roll. Brad is one of those guys with ink in his veins. He’s worked at or owned a print shop for his entire adult life. We are lucky that he’s decided Reno Type is his type of place. He and his wife live north of town where there’s enough room for his horses. Oh… and he’s a bona fide luthier. So if you need your violin or Cello repaired in Reno, anyone in the know will tell you that he should be your first call!

What makes Brad the Reno Type?

Brad came to Reno 20 years ago and never looked back. He loves the people he works for, and with, and says “I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”