Kurt Hoge

Kurt got his start in a darkroom in the seventh grade. Work on yearbooks and student papers all the way through high school and college got him in on the ground floor of the desktop publishing revolution. Armed with expert knowledge of Aldus PageMaker and Adobe Illustrator versions one, a fascination with typography, and his very own Apple Macintosh Plus (2 floppy drives, baby!), he campaigned his way into a job at Reno’s leading typesetting firm, Reno Typographers. After 5 years, he was offered a management position at the area’s leading color separator, where for five years he learned about high-end color separation, lithography and stripping. He returned to Reno Type in 1997, and by 2003 he’d bought the company and planned its transformation into a full-service commercial printer.

Kurt is primarily responsible for the sales and marketing efforts of the company. He spends a lot of time on the phone and even more in “Doug,” the Subaru Outback, visiting existing and prospective clients.

What makes Kurt the Reno Type?

“The easy answer is that I graduated from Reno High School and attended THE university of Nevada… the one in Reno. There is something about this place. It’s big enough to not be small, but small enough to not be big. It’s close to the great outdoors that I love so much. And the people can’t be beat — everyone around here cares about this place and their fellow citizens. What a great place to live, work and play!”