Call Tracking

  • Apr 13, 2021

Tracking the effectiveness of and response to a direct mail campaign has always been a little challenging. That difficulty is one of the reasons marketers had moved towards online and email advertising, those being trackable by their very nature. Our PotentPost system aims to solve that by incorporating a suite of online tools into a direct mail campaign. Among them:

Call Tracking. We assign a custom phone number to your campaign, and that number is forwarded seamlessly to a phone number of your choosing. When people call that number, the call is logged. Because that number exists in only one place -- your campaign -- you know it is a direct response to your marketing. What's more, the call is recorded (only you can listen to the recording) so you can make sure your customer service team is answering and correctly routing calls. And on your dashboard you'll see the name of the caller, their Name, address, gender, age range plus the duration and date of the call.

Adding the full suite of PotentPost services to your direct mail campaign costs pennies per piece, increases the response by 23-46% and lets you accurately MEASURE results.It doesn't cost a penny to learn more Check out PotentPost online, or pick up the phone and call Kurt or Clay at (775) 380-8140. Or if you prefer not to be "tracked," our regular number: 775 852-8800 works too.

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