FLoss or Direct Mail?

  • Oct 5, 2023

Direct mail might seem like an ancient relic in our digital world, and though its flexibility as a dental tool cannot be ignored, its real strengths lie in its personal touch, tangibility, and the unique bond it creates between sender and recipient.

Email might be faster, but there’s no substitute for the feeling of tearing open an envelope. And in an age of digital everything, having something tangible and experiential is refreshing -- It’s like choosing a real book over an e-book. Sure you can’t swipe left or right on it… but you CAN use it as a coaster! Multi-functional!

In all seriousness, studies have repeatedly shown that people remember physical ads longer than digital ones. So while someone might forget what they saw on Instagram just five minutes ago, the well designed mailer you sent in the mail will be in the recipient's mind for a week. If it has a compelling offer, they might keep it on their fridge for a month or more!.

So next time you consider advertising mediums, give direct mail an extra second before you relegate it to teeth-cleaning duty. Who knows? It might just offer you something to smile about! 😁