Gifts of Good Taste

  • Nov 2, 2020

Gifts of food are among the most appreciated and memorable, according to a recent study commissioned by ASI. Another survey, conducted by OnePoll showed that the top reason people enjoy receiving food as a gift is because they like to try new food, and wouldn't have bought it for themselves. 

While eating the actual the gift is always enjoyable, spending time with people emerged as a big reason why the gift of food is even more appreciated.More than half of the respondents said they like getting a food gift because they like to share it with friends and family.

You should also feel flattered if you receive a food gift from somebody this year. According to the poll, two-thirds of Americans say they are much more likely to get a food gift for somebody they really care about.

Gifts of food for clients and vendors is a fairly common practice, with more than 50% of companies reporting that they do it. What is different this year is the growth of food gifts to employees. Recognizing your team is especially important this year.

Reno Type has a huge selection of food gifts. Whatever your budget, and whoever is on the receiving end, we'll make it easy and see to it that your gift is appreciated and remembered for years to come. Here's a small sampling of our favorite gifts for the 2020 season.