Has Spring Sprung?

  • Mar 3, 2020

Looking for a Spring promotion?

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Kurt's Top TEN spring Promo items:

Number one: Sunglasses are a great and inexpensive promotional item. Even cheap ones can have UVA and UVB protection. Everyone ought to have an emergency pair stashed in the car. They're usually decorated on the arms, there are versions with art on the lens, and this brand new concept with decoration below the lens.

Number two: Croakies, chums or peeper-keepers. whatever you call them are another super inexpensive and effective  product... especially if you your organization works in the outdoors.  This brand new product from Crokies begins it's life as a lanyard... and when the event or trade-show is done, you simply remove a piece, and attach em to your sunglasses. Love it!

Number three: Lip Balm. This is good year-round in our area, but people think about it more in the spring time. Many flavors, sizes, shapes and qualities to choose from.

Number four: Bottles: Help your clients hydrate and promote you at the same time. From cheap and cheerful for under a couple bucks to the double-wall insulated bottle that will be their new favorite. We got em all, and you can too.

Number five: Cups and Tumblers. From Stadium cups to "Drunk Guy" cups to stainless steel pints. In the springtime people go outside. And with the right cup they'll bring your brand along!

Number six: Beverage Insulators. There are great options at every price-point and feature set. from simple foam and neoprene "kozies", to knitted and expandable ones  to leather and steel.

Number seven:  Bags are always great items. Everyone uses them and they have a HUGE imprint area. For the spring, I think those of natural fiber (jute, cotton or canvas) are the way to go.

Number eight: Growy things. I'm talking about messages printed on seeded paper, seed packets and desktop gardens. Can you imagine a better "Grow with us," or "let us help you grow" promotion?

Number nine: Garden tools:  Even if you're not in the gardening industry, tools for potting, planting and pruning make great higher-end springtime gifts, especially for homeowners.

Number ten: Outdoor Toys. How about flying disks for your employee picnic? Whether flexible or rigid, disks are just tip of the now melted iceberg when it comes to outdoor toys.