Informed Delivery

  • Dec 30, 2020

Have you heard of it? Are you one the 31 million or so daily users? Informed delivery from the United States Post Office (sign up or learn more here), is a system that allows you to check your physical mailibox without having to, well, check your mailbox. Households that have opted in receive a daily email with grayscale scans of mail-pieces that will be in their actual mailbox that day. People sign up for a myriad of reasons: To know whether they NEED to go to the box that day. To make sure an elderly loved ones bills are paid. Or to know when a check is arriving.

The latest user satisfaction survey (see for yourself right here) shows why the subsciber base is growing at a rate of over 1 million users per month.


So what does all this have to do with Reno Type? We're glad you asked. If you are doing a direct mail campaign and have partnered with Reno Type, you can append a full color clickable ad to the informed delivery email. What's more, those emails have a 60+% open rate, and a 12% click-through rate. It's just one of the 7 PotentPost technologies. Want to know more? call us today or visit our PotentPost page.