Your customers aren't gone.

  • Apr 7, 2020

Your customers aren't gone. They're just at home, and ignoring them is probably not the right approach.

It's not business as usual, but that doesn't have to mean  no business at all. Here're are some things that you can, and probably should be doing right now if you want to be sure your customers will come rushing back when they are able to.

  • Direct Mail. Even if your business customers are at home and you don't have their home address, it makes sense to send mail to their office. Why? They must arrange away to get that mail home.There are checks that need depositing, and notices from agencies that are essential arriving in their office every day. They need those, and by hook or crook will get them. It's also worth noting that very few people are using direct mail advertising right now. That means a much higher "open" rate than usual. What you send matters though. If you are able to conduct business safely, say that, and point out any differences from the usual. If there is some service or product that is especially helpful at this time, promote that. And above all, keep your focus on compassion and help... NOT on selling.
  • Pay special attention to your best clients: that 20% responsible for 80% of your revenue. Send them something that they want or need or appreciate that will remind them of you. Gifts of food can be drop shipped directly to them, and a gourmet food basket or delicious coffee cake will be especially appreciated when people are stuck inside.
  • Get their home addresses. If you are a business that works with businesses, you likely don;t have a home address. Your best customers will not mind sharing this with you... you just have to reach them. Email, direct mail, telephone and persistence are the tools you can use. Explain that you need a way to reach them while we're staying home: locations may be closed, but commerce continues. And assuret hem that you won't share it or use it in anyway whey would not agree is appropriate. Here's a "two-birds" option: Tell them you'd like their home address because you have a gift you'd like to have delivered by Fed-ex or UPS. Then send them a cinnamon walnut coffee cake with a nice note-card.

What you do and exactly how you do it will depend on your clients and your situation. But if you intend to remain in business when the pandemic is beyond us... DON'T IGNORE YOUR CLIENTS!